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Friday, 03 May 2024 14:33

Brazil's Long Journey in Developing Brasilia City

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VOInews, Jakarta: The development of the Capital City of the Archipelago (IKN) can learn from Brazil's experience of capital transfer from Rio de Jenairo to Brasilia. Brazil has a long experience of moving the capital from Salvador to Rio de Jenairo until it was relocated to current capital of Brasilia in 1960. The city of Brasilia is the third capital of Brazil whose construction has been planned since the early 19th century. This was conveyed by the Indonesian Ambassador to Brazil, Edi Yusup in an interview with the Ranah Diplomasi Program which aired on 30 April 2024 on the Voice of Indonesia radio channel entitled IKN-Brazilia Collaboration in the Context of Friendship between Indonesia and Brazil.


According to Ambassador Edi Yusup, Brasilia is Brazil's third capital city whose construction has been planned since the early 19th century. Citing the Consilience Journal, Brazil's Capital Relocation Act was approved by the Congress in 1891. The plan to move the capital from Rio de Jenairo to Brasilia was only realised 69 years later. "This is actually the second capital move, the first capital was in Salvador. From Salvador moved to Rio and then to Brasilia. And the process or plan to move the capital has actually been quite long, from the 1800s actually. It was only realised in 1960," explained the Ambassador who previously served as Director of East Asia and the Pacific at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The construction of the capital city of Brasilia, which is located in the middle of Brazil, as Ambassador Edi Yusup explained, aims to equalise development more ideally. "Indeed, the first goal of moving the capital city is to develop equitable development and also build a modern city. In addition, the city of Brasilia is located in the middle so that the distribution of development is expected to be better than if the capital was in Rio de Janeiro," Ambassador Edi Yusup continued. (Daniel)

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