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Syria's Historical Legacy Unites Humanity

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VOInews, Jakarta: A French historian and archaeologist said that every man has two nationalities, his own and Syria, because Syria is the cradle of civilisation. This was conveyed by the Syrian Ambassador to Indonesia, Abdulmonem Annan, during a special interview in Arabic that aired on the Voice of Indonesia channel on Thursday (2/5/2024). "Indeed, there is a French archaeologist and historian who said that every citizen in this world has two homelands: the country where he comes from and Syria. Because as you said, Syria is the cradle of civilisation," Ambassador Abdulmonem Annan told Voice of Indonesia.

Syria, Ambassador Abdulmonem Annan said, is the first place where the alphabet and written peace documents were known in the history of human civilisation. "Syria is the first place where the alphabet was invented in history. Syria is home to the oldest olive tree ever found. Syria was the first country to introduce written peace treaties. Syria is the home of the Ugarit kingdom, the Marie kingdom that can be traced 3 millennia BC," Ambassador Abdulmonem Annan continued.


Ambassador Abdulmonem Annan conveyed the rich history of Syria which is full of tolerance. "Tolerance lives with Christians in Syria today, tolerance with priests in Syria. The language of Christ is spoken in the north of Syria in a city called Ma'loula, called Arami or Suryani. The Syrian people, when they look back at their history, how they have tolerated each other for thousands of years, this really unites them. We as Syrians are proud of this history," Ambassador Annan explained.


The archaeological heritage that exists in Syria to this day, according to Ambassador Annan, can give us a feeling of unity as human beings. "Who goes to Syria today and sees how archaeological remains exist he will feel that these relics belong to humanity, before being attributed to religion and culture. The succession of cultures left various traces, you can see the largest amphitheatre in the world in comparison to archaeological traces, it was built in the Byzantine Roman Era. So was the Umawi Mosque during the Umayyad Dynasty. There was an ancient church before the advent of Islam, there is an inclusive heritage of human civilisation that unites us all. As for each person having various religious cultural identities, it does not erase the common fundamental heritage that we are born and grow with that spirit," Ambassador Abdulmonem Annan concluded.


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