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Monday, 13 May 2024 08:11

Ambassador Iwan Bogananta Accompanies Members of Commission I of the House of Representatives to Visit Bulgarian Rendang Factory

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Indonesian Ambassador to Bulgaria, Albania and North Macedonia, Iwan Bogananta accompanied the delegation of Commission I  of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI) to visit the Bella Rendang Factory and logistics facilities in Plovdiv Province, Bulgaria. The visit was  to harmonize the opening of a hub  of trade in national products to the European market on Tuesday (7/5).


It was also attended by members of parliament Commission I DPR,  Nico Siahaan,  Andhika Hasan, Abdul Bakri Haji Musa and Ali Imron Bafadal. Ambassador Iwan in a press release from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Sofia stated that the visit was a good momentum in developing and expanding national products to the Bulgarian and European markets. He hopes that stakeholders and the Indonesian government can support and realize the program he has initiated.


Chairperson of the delegation of Commission I DPR, Utut Adianto  appreciated the dynamic work of Ambassador Iwan in advancing the image of Indonesia and developing national export products to the international level. Utut also explained  that his side had witnessed directly to the factory site. According to Utut, Bulgaria is very ready with adequate infrastructure  and most importantly, they have become part of the European Union. All trade regulations refer to the rules issued by Europe  both in terms of tariffs, quality control and standardization.  He added that parliament will encourage the government to support future plans to develop rendang and other Indonesian foods to the world and European markets through Bulgaria.


Meanwhile, CEO of Bella,  Dimitar Mitev conveyed that  he was very happy to work with Indonesia.  The taste of Indonesian food is very well known to the world. He also plans to invest in the future in Indonesia to develop the Indonesian food industry.

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