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Friday, 10 May 2024 17:48

Vladimir Putin Officially Leads Russia for the Fifth Time

Written by  Daulat Pane
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Russian president-elect Vladimir Putin walks prior to his inauguration ceremony at the Kremlin in Moscow on Tuesday (7/5/2024). (Photo: AFP/POOL/Sergei Ilnitsky)


Vladimir Putin was inaugurated as President of Russia for the fifth time in his political career, last Tuesday (7/5).

Previously, in the 8th Russian Presidential election from March 15 to 17, Vladimir Putin won an absolute victory in the first round, with more than 87% of the votes in support.


The inauguration of the elected President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, took place at the Kremlin Palace last Tuesday (7/5). In the presence of the Federal Council members and the Russian Constitutional Court judges, Vladimir Putin was sworn to respect and defend all human and citizen rights and freedoms, obey the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and safeguard his country's sovereignty and independence.


Domestically, Putin's victory reflected the Russian people's trust and hopes for him, especially when Moscow was involved in a war with Ukraine. Putin's fifth term begins about two years after Russia's military deployment to Ukraine, which drew world critics.


On one hand, in this war, Russia is not only in conflict with Ukraine but also with Western countries that support Ukraine. Putin accused Western states of using Ukraine as a vehicle to try to defeat and divide Russia. On the other hand, the West accused Russia of attacking Ukraine to control its territory.


Russia's confrontation with Western countries caused the United States and several of its allies to boycott Putin's oath-taking and inauguration and not send representatives to attend.


In contrast to the United States, Russia's traditional ally, North Korea has shown support for Putin from the start.


North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-un on Monday (18/3) or one day after the Russian presidential election, congratulated Vladimir Putin on winning it.


Vladimir Putin will lead Russia for the next 6 years, until 2030. His victory will almost certainly not change the global geopolitical map, especially regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Hopefully, the allies who support both parties can provide input that encourages an end to confrontation, instead of "throwing oil into the fire".

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