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Monday, 13 May 2024 17:20

UN General Assembly Emergency Special Session, a Historic Move for Palestine

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The results of a vote on a resolution for the UN Security Council to reconsider and support the full membership of Palestine into the United Nations is displayed during a special session of the UN General Assembly, at UN headquarters in New York City, United States on Friday (10/5/2024). (Photo: AFP/Charly Triballeau)


The United Nations General Assembly Emergency Special Session in New York on Friday (10/5/2024) ratified the resolution titled "Admission of New Members in the United Nations". This resolution is co-sponsored by 77 countries, including Indonesia, and supported by 143 UN member countries.

This resolution gives some rights and privileges for Palestine, among many is to sit among UN member countries, to propose resolutions, and to co-sponsor a resolution. Palestine can also be chosen to lead a UN General Assembly Session and its various committees, and fully participate in conferences under the UN and international conferences under the UN General Assembly Session.


By adopting this resolution, the General Assembly will improve the rights of Palestine in the UN, although it has yet to include the rights to vote or to join candidacy in UN bodies such as the Security Council or ECOSOC.


The President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas appreciated the countries' support in the UN. He said Palestine will keep applying for full membership in the UN after the voting in the General Assembly. He affirmed that the resolution ratification showed that the world supports the rights and freedom of Palestinians, and opposes Israel's colonization.


On the other hand, after voting against the resolution, the US criticized the voting for more privileges for Palestine in the UN General Assembly. Robert Wood, US Deputy Ambassador to the UN said to the General Assembly that such a unilateral act in the UN and the field will never move forward the two-state solution.


According to him, the US is not rejecting Palestine as a country. However, the state recognition must be realized through direct negotiations between the parties.


Meanwhile, China's Ambassador to the UN, Fu Cong said their government supported the UN Security Council review for Palestine's full membership in the UN and urged the US not to interfere with the process.


The ratification of "Admission of New Members in the United Nations" resolution is a historic moment. This was the first time for an observer state, without full membership, to be granted rights and privileges almost like other UN members.


With the path open for Palestine toward full membership in the UN, it was expected that the political visibility of Palestinian issues and struggles would increase. Therefore, it will make it easier and faster for Palestine to apply for full membership in the UN Security Council. Moreover, the resolution also recognizes that Palestine has met the criteria for full membership according to the UN Charter.

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