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Soge Beach, East Java

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Pacitan in East Java is famous for its caves and beautiful beaches. For beach tourism, Pacitan does have sandy beaches in the south coastal area, such as Klayar Beach, Buyutan, Kasap, and Watu Karung. These beaches are some examples of beautiful beaches in Pacitan.

There is also Soge beach that complements the beauty of Pacitan's south coast. Soge Beach is located in Sidomulyo Village, Ngadirojo District, Pacitan Regency, East Java. The distance from Pacitan City is about 30 kilometers with a driving time of approximately one hour.


Usually white sandy beaches are located a little further in, interestingly Soge Beach is located on the edge of the highway and this is an attraction in itself. Many tourists take pictures on the side of the highway with Soge beach as the background. The natural atmosphere of this beach is still very natural, the blue sea and the natural scenery around it are truly enchanting. The beach is very clean and the waves are quite large.

To enjoy the beauty of Soge beach, you have to pay an entrance ticket of 2,000 rupiah for children and 3,000 rupiah for adults. On weekends and holidays, the entrance ticket price is slightly different, it is 3,000 rupiah for children and 5,000 rupiah for adults. Ticket prices are subject to change at any time.


Traveling to Soge Beach, you can play in the sand, play in the water, swim, or even just sit under the coconut trees. Not only that, you can also go around the small lake using a speed boat rented by local fishermen.

For 15,000 rupiah, you can go around the lake several times. The lake is formed from sea water that does not fully return to the sea when the low tide phenomenon occurs, because there is a high sand dune.

In this place there is also the Soge Beach Blue Bridge. The construction of this bridge is very futuristic, with a curved pipe at the top that resembles a giant dome frame. You can take pictures with the background of this 50-meter-long bridge while enjoying Soge beach from the mouth of the river. There is also a gazebo for resting and several restaurants on the beach.

If you are visiting Pacitan, take your time to see the beauty of Soge Beach.

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