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Rejang Dance

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Indonesia is hosting the 10th World Water Forum, the world's largest international water forum to be held on May 18-25, 2024 in Bali. During the 10th WWF event, delegates will visit the Jatiluwih tourist village.

The village will be decorated with manypenjor.Penjorare tall, curved bamboo stalks decorated with specially shaped young coconut leaves. In addition, delegates will also be welcomed with a traditional Balinese dance, the Rejang Dance, accompanied by tumbuk lesung traditional music.

Rejang dance is a traditional dance of the Balinese people. It is thought to have existed since the pre-Hindu era. This dance is performed as a sacred offering to welcome the arrival of the gods who descend to Earth.

Among the Balinese Hindu community, this Rejang Dance is always performed at various traditional and religious ceremonies held at the temple. It is also often performed to welcome guests. As one of the cultural heritages, this dance is also believed to have important values and spiritual meanings, so it is also believed to be a sacred dance and performed with full devotion.

This Rejang dance is usually performed by a number of female dancers in groups or in mass. In general, the movements of this Rejang Dance are very simple, because this dance focuses more on the spiritual value in it.

This Rejang Dance movement is usually dominated by ngembat and ngelikas movements or left and right movements while stepping forward slowly. Every movement in this dance is usually done with a tempo that tends to be slowly adjusted to the musical accompaniment.

This Rejang Dance performance is usually accompanied by Balinese gamelan music. The clothes of Rejang dancers are usually traditional Balinese clothes dominated by yellow and white colors equipped with a yellow shawl and flower crown.

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