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Thursday, 23 May 2024 17:52

First Phase, 89,114 Indonesian Hajj Pilgrims Arrive in Madinah

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VOInews, Jakarta: the arrival of Indonesian hajj pilgrims in wave I entered the last day. The Integrated Hajj Information and Computerisation System (Siskohat) of the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag) recorded that 89,114 Indonesian pilgrims landed at Amir Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz Airport (AMAA) in Madinah.


They are members of 229 flight groups (kloter). The arrival phase of the first batch of hajj pilgrims took place on 12 May 2024. This phase will end on 24 May 2024. On the same day, the second batch of Indonesian pilgrims will land at King Abdul Aziz International Airport (KAAIA) Jeddah. "Some of the Daker Bandara officers today (Thursday) departed for Jeddah. They will prepare to welcome hajj pilgrims in the arrival phase of the second wave which will take place from 24 May to 10 June 2024," said Daker Airport Head Abdillah in Madinah, through a written statement from the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs received by Indonesia Window here on Thursday (23/5/2024).


Meanwhile, some officers are still in Madinah to welcome the arrival of the last batch in the first phase. One of the Wukala leaders in the Madinah Airport Fasttrack lane, Abdullah Ishaq Al Hosah as Wukala Supervisor, felt greatly helped by the presence of Indonesian Hajj officers. "The presence of Indonesian Hajj officers at the airport is very much needed because it really helps us in our work. We can work faster because the officers help direct the pilgrims from the exit to the bus," said Abdullah.


Abdullah said he was impressed with the tenacity of the hajj officers in carrying out their duties. "Indonesian hajj officers are very compact in their work. They are also friendly and polite," Abdullah praised the Indonesian Hajj officers.


Abdullah also gave special praise to the Indonesian pilgrims. According to him, Indonesian pilgrims are easy to manage. "If all pilgrims were like the Indonesian pilgrims, we would be very comfortable at work," said Abdullah.


At the end of the chat, Abdullah invited Indonesian Hajj officers to work together to serve the guests of Allah. "We really appreciate the Indonesian Hajj officers. May we remain united in working together to serve the guests of Allah as well as possible. May Allah bless the Indonesian pilgrims and hajj officers," he concluded.


Before leaving for Jeddah, the Indonesian Hajj officers captured the moment with a photo with the Wukala officers and airport workers (umal). This reflects the good relationship between the two in welcoming the arrival of the congregation as well as supporting the smooth running of the task in the return phase later.



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