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Friday, 31 May 2024 22:29

Bilebante Green Tourism Village Featured

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May 21, Bilebante Green tourism village, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, became the main location for World Book Day 2024. The event was centered at Pasar Pancingan by holding a book review event. Bilebante Green tourism village is one of the tourism destinations in Central Lombok. It presents its natural beauty typical of the countryside. The village is 15.6 kilometers from the city center, which can be reached in about 26 minutes by driving.


When you arrive in Bilebante village, it's time for you to tour the village by bicycle or ATV. You can feel the cool atmosphere of the village while pedaling from residential areas, river banks, rice fields, vegetable and fruit gardens, Lime Bridge and the oldest temple in Central Lombok, the Lingkar Kelud Temple. If you are lucky, you can also watch farmers planting rice and the process of making a local specialty hat called “Kekere”. The fertile soil of Bilebante Village is overgrown with a variety of herbal plants that are very good for health. You can witness the planting and breeding of herbal gardens by the village youth. You will be guided to learn about the health of these herbs. Seaweed farming is usually done on the beach, but this village is unique because there is seaweed cultivation in the rice fields of Bilebante village. The seaweed harvest is used as raw material for making serabi (rice flour pancake with coconut milk). You must taste the seaweed serabi of Bilebante village.


For those of you who like fishing, you can go to the Pancingan Market. There you can do fishing activities in the pond. Uniquely, the results of the fishing can be directly processed into fish-based dishes.  For those who like cooking, you can join cooking class tour package. You can try making herbal medicine, moringa leaf vegetables and merangkat chicken, and pelecing in the style of Bilebante tourist city. The atmosphere of the cooking class is quite pleasant surrounded by plantations around the Pancingan Market.

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