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Thursday, 06 June 2024 22:58

Four Interesting Facts about Argentine Football

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VOInews, Jakarta: Argentina's image cannot be separated from its success in football. Throughout history, the Argentine national team has collected 22 gold medals, starting from the World Cup, Panamerican, Confederation Cup to the Copa America. Sulaiman Syarif, Indonesian Ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, shared four interesting facts about football in Argentina.


Firstly, the Argentine people who are fanatical about football are the club's capital to grow. "I have watched the BOCA Junior twice at the Bombonera Stadium here. I saw with my own eyes how firstly, grandparents, grandchildren, all watched (football match). Some brought babies, some brought children, how in one family for generations they are very fanatic about the football club, so we can say that fanaticism is very, very strong, and it is also an asset to support the club. Because they are already fanatics in one club, so they become members, there are dues and various kinds,’ said Ambassador Sulaiman Syarif.


Secondly, football facilities, especially the existence of stadiums in Argentina are very abundant. "Argentina is also one of the countries with the most stadiums.
I think in Buenos Aires there are very many football stadiums everywhere,’ Ambassador Sulaiman Syarif continued. It is known, there are at least 25 stadiums in Buenos Aires and 76 stadiums with various levels of capacity throughout Argentina.


Thirdly, Argentina has a series of football legends who are an inspiration for young seeds who are actively playing football from various corners of the country. ‘They (football players) are very supported by their people, from the community, the interest in football is very high so that the young seeds I can see for myself in the provinces that people like to play football to achieve their goal of becoming Maradona, becoming Messi, becoming Mario Kempes,’ said Sulaiman Syarif.


Fourthly, not many people know that one of the Argentine football legends Mario Kempes palyed and even became a coach at the Pelita Jaya club. ‘Mario Kempes has played in Indonesia, and has been the coach of one of our teams, Pelita (Pelita Jaya, ed.) if I'm not mistaken, and many people here don't know, so I also convey how Argentina's contribution is quite large in Indonesia and we hope that in the future this can still be the case,’ hoped Ambassador Sulaiman Syarif.

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