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Friday, 07 June 2024 15:35

Ende Tourism

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June is known as Pancasila month, because every June 1, Indonesians commemorate the birth of Pancasila as the foundation and guideline of the nation. In this month of Pancasila, we take you to Ende, a district in East Nusa Tenggara province where President Soekarno was exiled. It was in this place that the proclamator contemplated the foundation of the Indonesian state. Ende itself has many destinations that are beautiful and thick with historical value. One of them is Bung Karno's Exile House.


The building of Bung Karno's Exile House, which is now a museum, was where Bung Karno and his family lived during his exile in Ende from 1934 to 1938. During his exile, Bung Karno contemplated the State Foundation of Indonesia, namely Pancasila. It is in this place that all of Bung Karno's relics are still neatly stored, including the marks of his two palms when he prostrated himself in the prayer room.

Apart from Bung Karno's Exile House, there is also Lake Kelimutu. This destination is famous for its three crater lakes with unique colors that change at any given time. According to local beliefs, each color represents a different group of souls. During his exile, Bung Karno often visited this beautiful lake. He also founded a theater group called the Kelimutu Tonil Club. 
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