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Wednesday, 12 June 2024 07:16

Sicanang Mangrove Forest

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The Belawan area is located quite far from the center of Medan, North Sumatra. It makes Belawan a tourism destination for local people to relax. One of the most visitedtourismdestinations is the Sicanang Mangrove Forest. This forest is the only surviving Mangrove Forest in the Medan region, North Sumatra.

Previously, the Sicanang Mangrove Forest was threatened, because many local people did not care for the forest and cut down mangrove trees for economic needs. However, since 2013, environmentalists have begun to rehabilitate and invite local people to protect the area. Currently, the Sicanang Mangrove forest is often used as educational tourism for students to get the ecotourism knowledge which contributes to the absorption of carbon dioxide gas. So, it becomes one of the oxygen supports in Medan City. The rarest mangrove tree in the world is still well maintained in the Sicanang Mangrove Forest

This tourismdestination is located in Belawan Sicanang Village, Medan Belawan District. From the center of Medan City, it takes about 50 minutesby motor vehicle. In this location,there are 20 types of mangroves that you can see. For the entrance fee, you only need to spend IDR 10 thousand/person,  and parking fee is IDR 2 thousand. You can explore this 19-hectare Mangrove Forest by using a speed boat. The tour guide will answer all your questions about this Mangrove Forest. Taking pictures and relaxing with your family in the cottage provided by the ownerare otheractivities that you can do. Although there are no supporting facilities,such as toilets and restaurants or food stalls, this place has its special charm to visit.

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