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Sunday, 09 June 2024 00:00

North Korea, China, and Russia Accelerate Expansion of Nuclear Arsenals

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VOINews, Jakarta: U.S. National Security Council official Pranay Vaddi highlighted the rapid acceleration of nuclear arsenal expansion by North Korea, China, and Russia.

As reported by Antara According to Vaddi, "North Korea, China, and Russia are rapidly expanding and diversifying their nuclear weapons stockpiles, displaying little to no interest in arms control measures," as reported by Yonhap on Saturday.

Serving as the Senior Director for Arms Control, Disarmament, and Nonproliferation at the National Security Council, Vaddi noted that these countries' actions are compelling the United States and its allies to brace for an unrestrained nuclear arms competition.

He further stated, "The increased collaboration and coordination among these three nations, along with Iran, are creating dynamics that threaten peace and stability, posing risks to the United States, its allies, and partners, while aggravating regional tensions."

Vaddi emphasized that in response to the evolving nuclear landscape, President Joe Biden has recently issued updated nuclear weapons usage guidelines.

"This move underscores our commitment to utilizing arms control and other strategies to minimize the necessary number of nuclear weapons to meet U.S. objectives," he explained.

Vaddi cautioned that the U.S. must adapt its stance and capabilities to counter the growing threats from these countries, should there be no shift in their current nuclear policies.

He clarified, "Should adversaries' nuclear arsenals remain unchanged, we may find it necessary to increase the number of deployed weapons in the coming years."

Moreover, he underscored that Washington has proactively implemented "prudent" measures, including the development of modern versions of the B61 nuclear gravity bomb and efforts to extend the operational life of certain Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines during the transition to advanced capabilities.

He concluded by affirming that the U.S. is fully committed to ensuring its "extended deterrence" pledge, which involves leveraging its comprehensive military capabilities, including nuclear, to defend its allies and contribute to global nonproliferation efforts.//Antara/VOI.

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