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Tuesday, 09 July 2024 09:43

Nirup Island, Riau

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Nirup Island is located in the southwest of Batam Island. Part of its coastal area is covered with dense mangrove forests. On the other side, trees typical of tropical forests grow thickly, which is a habitat for wildlife, such as monkeys, monitor lizards and seabirds.

Nirup Island also has a fairly long coastline. The island, which also has a natural stretch of sand, makes it a great place to hold various beach sports activities, such as beach volleyball and beach soccer.

With the topography of the island, if you visit this island, you can put up a tent and spend the night here. If you want to do snorkeling, Nirup Island can also be a favorite place. Coral reefs thrive here, as well as marine habitats such as various types of fish and other marine life.

Nirup Island is actually located in bay-like waters, in its northern part adjacent to Pucan Island. Because the island is flanked by a cluster of islands, the waves and wind that hit the island are relatively calm, so it is not dangerous if you want to swim or do other activities. From the west of Nirup island, you can also freely see Pemping island, which is inhabited by several fish families

To go to Nirup Island, from Batam city you have to go to the ferry port in Sekupang. From there you have to take a boat to Belakangpadang District. From Balakangpadang, continue your journey by renting a boat to Nirup island. The boat rental price depends on your agreement with the boatman.

The journey from Balakangpadang to Nirup takes about 20 minutes. Before going to Nirup Island, make sure you bring your own food, as there are no restaurants on the island. If you want to stay overnight, there are no hotels on the island. You can set up a tent on the beach. Also make sure you have brought your complete camping equipment.

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