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Thursday, 24 January 2019 18:53

Improving Nutrition to be a Healthy and Excellent Nation

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Improving People's Nutrition to become a Healthy and Outstanding Nation is the theme of the National Nutrition Day 2019 to be commemorated on January the 25th 2019. Meanwhile, Nutrition Awareness, Healthy and Productive Indonesia is the sub-theme of the event. Director General of People's Health the Indonesian Health Minister, Kirana Pritasari, said that in a bid to improve the nutrition of Indonesian people, commitment and dedication from all stakeholders are required. The Indonesian Health Ministry is trying to introduce a program called Healthy Indonesia to Indonesian families. The program has four priorities namely reducing the mortality rate of infant and mother effectively, improving nutrition in a bid to prevent stunting, and overcoming infectious and non-infectious diseases.

Stunting is the impairment of children's growth. It is a condition when infants and children cannot grow properly due to the lack of nutrition. However, stunting is preventable since pregnancy by consuming healthy foods which contain essential nutrients like iron and providing exclusive breastfeeding for the infants.

A number of health issues especially children's health issues have become a serious challenge for Indonesia. Although child's health has improved particularly regarding the fulfillment of nutrition, it has not yet been maximum in accordance to the standard of the World Health Organization. Nutrition affects children's growth and development therefore children must acquire sufficient nutrition to support their growth since their first 1,000 days.

The development of health by improving the quality of Indonesia's human resources contributes to providing long-term and sustainable benefits. One of the most important aspects in developing Indonesian people health is by fulfilling their nutrition.

Indonesian youths hold the key to support the development of this nation. Without having proper nutrition, they cannot develop their potentials to advance the country. The time has come for us to be more aware about the importance of implementing a healthy and balance lifestyle so that we can achieve a better, healthier, and more quality life.

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