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Banyuwangi is one of regions in Indonesia which has a lot of tourism destinations. Sunset can bea choice if you are relaxing at the beach. It is not a must but Wedi Ireng beach has white and black sand. At the beach, you can also swim, snorkeling, and take a picture or just take a sit to enjoy sunrise or sunset.Wedi Ireng beach is located at Pancer hamlet, Sumberagung village, Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi. The beach is about 65 KMs to the South of Banyuwangi city. After 3-4 hours travel from Banyuwangi city, you will arrive at mustika beach. Thus, you continue your trip by walking through the hill for 20 minutes to reach Wedi Ireng beach. If you do not want to pass challenging route to get to the location, you can use sea line which is certainly easier and faster. You can go to Pancer hamlet, and rent fisherman’s boat. You only need to pay Rp 40,000 to go and return and around Rp 25,000 for one trip. By using sea line, it takes only 30 minutes. The location Wedi Ireng beach is quite remote, even access to go to this tourism object is quite challenging. But, enchanment of the beach will not make you regret to fight to the place. The beauty of the beach is like other beaches, even the beach has long beach line. Its clear blue sea water combining with white and black sand is as if neatly arrange as special design of Wedi Ireng beach. In addition, coarse layers of stone and brown sand and also white sand become the characteristic of this beach. The name of the beach is taken from Javanese language. Wedi means sand and Ireng means black, although all of its sand is not black. So, set your time to take holiday at Wedi Ireng beach in Banyuwangi, East Java province.

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