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Gantar dance

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Danish Travel Show-Ferie for Alle, the most visited tourism exhibition in Scandinavian region was held on February 22nd  to 23rd  in Herning City, Denmark.   Indonesian Embassy in Copenhagen takes part in the exhibition annually to promote Indonesia in Scandinavia region, especially Denmark. In the exhibition, the Indonesian booth promoted alternative tourism destinations besides Bali. The promotion wass managed into natural and cultural tourism packages. Visitors who came were also served with Indonesian food, such as Uduk rice, meat stews, chicken curry, dumplings, taro chips and green bean porridge. A number of dances, such as Selayang Pandang, Merak, Jaipong, Mask Bapang Malang, Ngapotek, Lancang Kuning, Gantar and Enggang were also performed for the visitors. From a number of traditional dances performed at the Danish Travel Show-Ferie for Alle, we  introduce one of them,  Gantar dance. Gantar dance is a social dance of young people from  Benuaq Dayak tribe and Tanjung Dayak in East Kalimantan. In  the Gantar dance, the dancers use a stick and short bamboo. This dance illustrates the expression of  joy of the dancers and also  hospitality of the Dayak people in welcoming guests. This dance is also meant to welcome guests or tourists who attend the traditional East Kalimantan event. In the show, Gantar dance is usually performed by female dancers. The dancers are dressed in traditional attire of the Dayak tribe. Besides, they also wear various accessories, such as bracelets and headbands necklaces. In the performance, Gantar dance is also accompanied with traditional Dayak ethnic music. Gantar dance is divided into three types, namely Gantar Rayatn, Gantar Busai and Gantar Senak and Kusak. Gantar Rayatn dance only uses one tool, namely a long stick which  is decorated with a skull wrapped with cloth. In the dance, the people dance, sing and wave hands in accordance with  the rhythm. The Gantar Busai dance uses only a piece of bamboo. When dancing, the dancers wave gracefully and play bamboo based on the rhythm.The bamboo used is given 12 bracelets to make it sound when moved. The last is Gantar Senak and Kusak. Senak in this dance is a stick held with left hand. While Kusak is a bamboo that is held with right hand.The bamboo used in this type is filled with seeds so that the sound produces loud sound. In the Gantar dance, the dancers play a long stick and stomps and follow the sound of the bamboo by swinging it.

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