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Wednesday, 13 March 2019 00:00

Teletubies Hill

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Sontiri hill is a regency which consists of 29 districts and it some beautiful natural sceneries. Not many people know that the heaven of the world is hidden in this regency. Sontiri hill is one of tourism destinations which should be visited.The best time to visit Sontiri hill is in the morning and evening. You can see the beauty of the nature. Green grass is always decorated with spider’s net every day, so that there is beautiful white color on it. Sontri hill is also known as Teletubies hill, kids’ figures on television.The hills stretches like a green carpet,  moreover when glow of light illuminates the hill, it will add to the beauty of the scenery. Interestingly, Sontiri hill will be more beautiful in the morning or evening. Sontiri hill is usually visited by a lot of local people to spend their time to enjoy sunset.Sontiri or teletubies hill is located not far from Sentani city. It has a distance around 15 kms and takes around 20 – 30 minutes through Jalan Kemiri. If you are on the hill, you will see amazing scenery of Sentani lake. Besides, you can also see Sentani original houses at the shore of the lake, precisely under the hill.

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