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Debate of Vice Presidential Candidates

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The debate of Vice-Presidential Candidates was held in Jakarta on Sunday night (17/3). Many observers consider the debate to be flat. However, the debate took place smoothly. The debate of Vice-Presidential Candidates who were not accompanied by each presidential candidate highlighted major issues: Education, Employment, Health, and Socio-culture. The issues raised are essential now, considering the situation and conditions of the issues abroad have spread rapidly throughout the world through the role of information media. In the debate, Vice-Presidential candidate No. 01, Ma'ruf Amin encourages the development of pilot companies in the supply of employment related to employment issue. Meanwhile in the education sector, he will revitalize vocational schools and polytechnics that may lead to create a ready-made and educated workforce and the development of national research bodies. For health issue, he will continue to improve and expand the Healthy Indonesia Card and other health programs that have been launched into the Community. Ma'ruf Amin also offers three new cards, namely the KIP for university students’ card, pre-employment, and cheap basic necessities.Meanwhile, Vice-Presidential candidate No. 02 offers ideas to raise the fund of research and technology by encouraging collaboration with the business world. While in education, he proposes the abolition of the national exam and this is replaced by a program of talent and interest. In the field of employment, Sandiaga Uno will encourage Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to absorb employment and Link and Match between the world of education and the world of work. Vice President 02 also offers one card, which is the identity card, KTP that can be accessed by all programs.Apart from the many parties assessing the spread of the vice presidential debate, at least, the ideas of both vice-presidential candidates have been able to prove that they are ready to accompany their partners. The ideas of debate can also show that their capacity is not just a presidential counterpart. However, the debate did not touch the media of information as a supporting factor in the issues highlighted. In fact, information media through social media can, at least, support the implementation of issues that run well in terms of distribution, control and evaluation. 

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