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Monday, 25 March 2019 00:00

Watotena Beach, East Nusa Tenggara

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Watotena beach is located at the Southeast of Adonara Island, precisely in Nelerereng village, Ileboleng district, East Adonara, East Flores. The beach is still visited by few tourists so that the beach is appropriate to enjoy relaxation and beautiful scenery. Besides white sand and blue sea, the interesting beach has black stones or magma stones with various kinds of shapes and formations which decorate the seashore that add the beauty of Watotena beach and this beach is quite different from other beaches in Flores land. The name of Watotena means boat from stone, or stone which has shape boat. It can be seen from magma stone which has shape like boat. There are a lot of magma stones which appear on white sand surface. The exotics of the beach is more beautiful with Mt. Ile Boleng scenery behind it. You can do many activities over there, beginning from going down the beach, playing sand or water and looking for interesting spots to take picture. To play at the sea water, you should be careful because sometimes its wave is quite big. To get access to Watotena beach, you can use motor boat from Larantuka and anchor at Terong or Waiwerang port on Adonara Island. The beach has a distance around 6 kilometers from Waiwerang port and takes around 30 minutes from Waiwerang and entirely takes around 3 hours from Larantuka port. The most important point is that the tourists should pay attention to the cleanliness. They are prohibited to throw away garbage carelessly. Smoking is forbidden and no littering on the beach. This is certainly aimed at making the beach very clean without pollution.

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