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US Decision Acknowledging Golan Heights as Israel’s Territory

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The US  President Donald Trump’s  statement  recognizing the Golan Heights as  Israel’s territory  has sparked opposition. Accompanied by visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Washington on Monday clearly issued a statement that the United States recognized the Golan Heights as an area of Israeli sovereignty. It was  symbolized by the signing of a proclamation, which was warmly  welcomed by Netanyahu,. This, however, immediately invited rejection and criticism from many sides. Belgium, Britain, France, Germany and Poland simultaneously refused. The five countries which are members of the UN Security Council, Tuesday, March 26, expressed their concerns over Donald Trump's statement.  In fact, the five European countries also said they did not recognize Israel's sovereignty over the territory on the Golan Heights,  occupied by Israel since 1967.  As it is  known,  in 1967 after the  six-day war with Syria, Israel had annexed the Golan Heights, and in 1981 effectively annexed the region. The refusal of Donald Trump's unilateral statement regarding the Golan Heights, was also  immediately conveyed by Russia and China. The two permanent members of the UN Security Council have signaled that they would mmediately discuss it  at a UN Security Council session. The two countries apparently can not  accept any reason from Donald Trump. It was said that one of the reasons  for the controversial statement is because it is considered as a form of opposition to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Iran who are supporters of Al Assad. Indonesia certainly strongly opposed the unilateral decision of the United States. Indonesia from the beginning has  consistently supported Palestinian independence. Donald Trump's statement, which expresses his partiality to Israel, is not only controversial and very unilateral, but has sparked new tensions, especially in the Middle East. Gulf countries have  also shown opposition. Very likely, the conflict in the Middle East will be even bigger due to the  US statement. The UN Security Council must immediately hold a hearing not only to respond to the United States' decision, but also to reject it.

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