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Resignation of Algerian President

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After about one-month demonstration staged by the Algerian people, President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika finally resigned. The announcement of his resignation was submitted to the Algerian Constitutional Council earlier this week. Apart from pressure from the people through the mass demonstration, there was a statement from the Armed Forces Chief of Staff Ahmed Gaid Salah that Bouteflika was considered unable to lead Algeria anymore.Thus, Bouteflika will no longer participate in the election of the fifth period. The era of Bouteflika has ended and he had been in power for 20 years. It must be admitted that Bouteflika was considered a strong man in Algeria, but a stroke of 6 years ago made him begin to rarely appear in public.After the resignation of Bouteflika, the Constitutional Council announced the vacant position of the President. Furthermore, the Board submits to the Ummah Assembly (the Parliament). If the parliament ratifies the decision of the Constitutional Council, the Speaker of the Parliament will serve as interim President for 90 days and use that time to hold an election. However, the Speaker of the Parliament as interim President is prohibited from running for the election.Bouteflika's resignation has been carried out in accordance with the demands of the Algerian people. But this does not mean the problem is over. Many figures hold important positions such as the Chairperson of the Constitutional Council, the Speaker of the Parliament, and the Prime Minister. They are considered to be the cronies of Bouteflika. Thus, the demands for cleaning up the government from the elements of Bouteflika are still voiced by the people and opposition party.Now, the thing that must be taken into consideration is that this uncertain situation may be used for the benefit of one group. Despite being dominated by one party for 20 years, hopes are still there to carry out democracy in Algeria. It is time for the people of Algeria to determine their future by choosing leaders who bring Algeria to progress instead of destruction. Who is he or she? We are looking forward to the results of the Algerian General Election in the near future.

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