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Selayar Island

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Selayar Island is located in Selayar Island regency, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. The island is one of islands which is separated from South Sulawesi land with around 2,000 square-kilometers (km2) extending from the North to the South between Sulawesi and Takabonerate island. The western and northern coasts are rocky and steep. Meanwhile, the east coast and part of the south coast are flat and with forest product area and people’s plantation. The characteristic of Selayar Island is to have various kinds of endemic and interesting fauna such as Tarsius tarsier. This animal has brown reddish body with grey skin, big eyes with ears facing to the front and has wide shape. The peculiarity of the island is that there are almost all ethnics, religions, tribes and cultures which are in Sulawesi. Most of the tribes who live in the island are Makassarese, Bugis, and Mandarese. Besides its natural beauty, Selayar Island also has historic heritage such as Gong Nekara, The Home of the Selayar Regent and Pakarena dance. From Makassar City, Selayar Island regency can be accessed by land transportation and then crossing by Ferry in Bira port, Bulukumba regency to Pamatata port in Pamatata village, Bontomatene district. From Pamatata port to Benteng, it can be accessed around 1 hour.

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