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Wednesday, 29 May 2019 00:00

Amazing Dua Island

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Sulawesi is an island which is rich of diversity. There are a lot of mountains, some kinds of culinary, beautiful towns and many maritime tourism destinations which attract many tourists throughout the world. To visit Central Sulawesi is not complete if not visiting Dua Island. Dua Island located in Luwuk, Banggai, becomes the main maritime tourism destination in this region. The combination among nature, mountain and undersea panorama become unique view. Banggai waters with Peleng gulf is an historical site of Indonesia. In July 1962, there were hundreds of warships and troop transport ships on the waters of Peleng gulf. Dua island can be accessed from Luwuk airport or Palu City. The access from Luwuk is closer and easier with smooth path. From Luwuk, you can go to Balantak beach where it is a crossing place to Dua island. We suggest you not to go at night because this area lacks of lighting and it is quiet lane. Although it is remote area, the name of Dua island has been well-known among foreign tourists. On the island, there is lodging with good enough facilities. Visitors can enjoy natural land it is surrounded by the sea. The hills on Dua Island look like to have sparkling golden colors because the hills are exposed form the sun. From far, there seems Blue Ocean which combines perfectly with Dua Island. On Dua Island, in additional to hunting spots for taking picture, here, you can also snorkel and dive. There are 35 diving spots which spread out surrounding Dua island’s waters such as Ondoliang Rock, Nemo Rock, Alibaba, Batu Gong and many others. Indonesian Tourism Ministry begins to promote Banggai regency as world class fishing tourism destination. To support it, the central and regional governments will hold international fishing competition with the title ‘Banggai International Tuna Fishing Tournament’ on September 27 – 29, 2019. Participants of the tournament will be directed to catch some fish such as skipjack tuna, yellow fin tuna, big-eye tuna, and blue fin tuna. This event is as trial event before it becomes an annual event. Besides fishing tournament, the participants will also be invited to enjoy ‘joy sailing’ to Banggai islands. So, they can enjoy cultures and traditional foods of Banggai and can also witness fishing demonstration by using kites.

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