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Monday, 10 June 2019 00:00

Trunajaya Dance from Bali

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Trunajaya dance is one of new creation dances from Bali, precisely Buleleng regency, North Bali. The dance was created in  1915 by Pan Wandres in the frame of Kebyar Legong. Then, it is refined again by I Gede Manik who is a well-known artist from Bali. Trunajaya dance describes youths’ movements in which they are getting adult, very emotional, and their attitude always tries to attract women’s heart. The dance includes entertaining dance whose performance can be showed everywhere, including at the yard of temple, field, indoor or outdoor opened stage and other places. Based on the history, Trunajaya dance couldn’t be separated with Kakebyaran dance which means that it is close to Kebyar. It is called like that, because the dance is accompanied with not only Gamelan Gong Kebyar, but its movement which is very dynamic and it looks like Kebyar. The development of Gong Kebyar, which has existed initially since 1920, has attracted through dynamic and modern rhythm. Gong Kebyar is loved by people, especially the youths and it quickly spreads throughout Bali, more interestingly since I Maria created the Kebyar dance. In Buleleng regency, people are very enthusiastic to welcome the arrival of Gong Kebyar, even getting special attention from the Dutch colonial at that time. The existence of Gong Kebyar in the region has encouraged the appearance of various kinds of new dance movements which use Gamelan as accompaniment of the dance. Initially, the dance was single one which also included  “Babancihan dance” because it presents man’s and woman’s characteristics. Along with its development, Trunajaya dance is performed by more dancers. The dance has flexible duration. The shortest duration of the dance is around 11 minutes.

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