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Friday, 26 July 2019 13:18

Brekecek culinary

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Traveling to Cilacap, Central Java, we enjoy various interesting tourism destinations. The most famous and interesting tourism destination  is "Mandala Curug" located in Mandala Village, Jeruklegi sub-district. If you are satisfied by visiting various tourism destinations, please  don't forget to taste a variety of Cilacap’s typical culinary. Cilacap has well-known enough typical food, namely Tempe Mendoan Cilacap, bean-curd, lotek (a type of Pecel), Berontak bean-curd and  Brekecek culinary. Now, we are about to introduce you one of the Cilacap’s typical culinaries, namely Brekecek. People of Cilacap agree to say that their pride culinary made from sea fish is one of the major commodities of Cilacap, namely "Brekecek Pathak Jahan". According to the native people of Cilacap, the term Brekecek originates from the process of making the dish itself. The word Brek which means "dropped" and " kecek " which means "mixed", is a combination of words that refer to the technique of dropping / dropping fish into processed ingredients  which have been mixed with water. Meanwhile, the term of Pathak which is in Javanese means ‘head’, refers to the head of a fish species which is the main ingredient of this dish. Making Brekecek Pathak Jahan is fairly easy. The basic ingredient of Dasar Pathak Jahan must be fresh fish so that the broth gotten  is more delicious. While the soft spices used consist  of onion, garlic, coriander, pepper, pecan, turmeric, ginger, curly red chili, and cayenne pepper.  After it is ripe and fragrant, just add enough water to the stir-fry seasoning. When the water has boiled, enter the Patha fish. Besides, there are complementary herbs such as bay leaves, galangal, lemongrass, orange leaves, basil leaves, slices of young tomatoes, and tamarind or we can use the star-fruit, mixed into processed dishes along with sugar and salt.

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