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Saturday, 06 January 2018 00:00

Pantai Batu Kapal, Ambon Featured

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Welcome to “Indonesian Wonder,” a daily segment featuring tourism, culinary arts, fine arts and culture from various regions across Indonesia. In today’s edition, we will invite you to visit Batu Kapal beach in Maluku province. 

Batu Kapal beach is located at Liliboi village, West Leihitu sub-district in Central Maluku regency. Although the location does not cover Ambon city, the capital of Maluku province, this place is still one land with Ambon city. To go to Batu Kapal Liliboi beach or more known with the name Batu Lobang beach is not too far from the center of Ambon city. From Pattimura airport, it takes around 20 minutes by motor vehicles.  Batu Kapal beach is called with that name because  its shape is like the bridge of a ship. The bridge of a ship is the room or platform from which the ship can be commanded. Road to Batu Kapal beach is really smooth. Besides, the scenery of the beauty of the tourism object at the right and left side makes you amazed. But you must pay attention on sign board to Batu Kapal beach because the sign board is not big, only  60X20 centimeters with writing  Batu Kapal Liliboi beach and hanged near a hut. The hut is gateway to enter the beach. The entrance ticket to Batu Kapal beach is worth Rp 5000 for adults and Rp. 3000 for kids. From the hut, you can go down the stairs around 250 meters. The beach is divided into two parts, namely inside and outside Kapal beach. After going down the stairs, you will find part of outside of the beach. Here, there is no white sand but only stones and blue ocean.  If you want to be relaxed, the outside of the beach is the right place. Here, you can sit while enjoying the beauty of the scenery. From outside of  Batu Kapal beach, you can see big stone which looks like a ship. The part which is seen clearly, is the bridge and a hole which is like a window of the ship. Batu Kapal beach is a beach which is surrounded by cliff and located in the ship. To access inside of Batu Kapal beach is certainly quite difficult. Because you have to climb and to creep. After arriving at the inside of the beach, you can find a pool.   Here, you can swim without being afraid of being swept away by the waves. The place which is surrounded by cliff, makes waves at the beach calm.  Water in here is so clear and its depth starting from 30 centimeters until 2 meters. But you must be careful because the stones are quite sharp. This place is not suitable for relaxing because there is no place for sitting and taking a rest. If you want to go to Batu Kapal beach early morning, we suggest you to bring your own food and beverage because stalls are open at late afternoon.  So, set your time to visit Ambon and to go to Batu Kapal beach. 

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