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Wednesday, 07 February 2018 07:06

US and Italy Expand Arms Industry Market in Asia

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US and Italy Expand Arms Industry Market in Asia

The Asia-Pacific region is increasingly a concern for the United States to expand its arms marketing network. Similar attention is also made by West European countries that produce weapons, including Italy. For that purpose, Washington seems to apply two approaches, namely diplomacy and trade. Efforts to expand the US arms market are visible from the US arms manufacturers’ plan to participate in an international arms exhibition to be be held in Singapore. The reason Washington is expanding the marketing of weapons production in Asia Pacific, especially in Asia, can be seen from at least two points. First, there is an interest of some Asian countries in equipping themselves with more  weaponry, and the second point is the  expansion of China's influence in the Asia Pacific region. Various security issues at home and in the region, at least, become the reason for some Asian countries to strengthen their defense, such as from the armaments side.Singapore and the Philippines, for example, seem to increasingly feel the need to improve weaponry in connection with the continued strengthening of terrorism issues in Southeast Asia. In another perspective, Japan also feels an interest in strengthening its defense. This is related to the US plan to reduce its role in the Japanese defense. Japan itself feels quite concerned about North Korean maneuvers, which repeatedly conducted missile tests and sometimes, the missile seems to be  heading toward Japan.  Vietnam is also one of the countries in Asia that feels the need to improve security and defense, especially in the maritime area. The frequent occurrence of Chinese maneuvers in the disputed South China Sea makes Vietnam feel the need to strengthen its arsenal in the region. In terms of defense approaches, the United States also needs to keep pacing with China's strategic and assertive measures. Meanwhile, Italy as one of the arms manufacturers in West Europe also sees the same opportunities as the United States. Although the reason may be about more business than politics. In such a perspective, it can be seen that both the United States and West Europe feel the need to take strategic steps and approaches to expand their arms trade in the Asia Pacific region.

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