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Wednesday, 07 August 2019 10:51

Arjuna Temple in Dieng

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Exploring Indonesia is not complete if you do not visit historical heritage such as temple. One of the historical heritages which is not popular for tourist, is Arjuna temple. Arjuna temple was built around 8th century by Sanjaya Dynasty from ancient Mataram. Arjuna temple is one of temples at Arjuna temple complex in Dieng. At the complex, there is also Semar, Srikandi, Puntadewa, and Sembadra temples. Arjuna temple is located at the Northern most of the temple’s complex. Meanwhile, Semar temple is perwara temple or complementary of Arjuna temple. Those two temples face each other. Like temples in general in Dieng, local people named them with the names of puppet figures of Mahabarata. Dieng people who work as potato’s farmers, use the land surrounding the temple. But since 2010 Dieng people have realized the importance of respecting the historical heritages. So, they change the land surrounding the temples to become more beautiful and make it as one of the mainstay tourism destinations of Banjarnegara regency.The change is also marked by the implementation of Dieng Culture Festival that promotes Arjuna temple as the main place forcutting dread ritual or known as wedus gembel. Starting in 2010 Arjuna temple complex is used to develop tourism destination which is managed by Banjarnegara Tourism Office and Tourism Awareness Group. Tourist will not find statues at Arjuna temple, but those statues are stored neatly in Kailasa Museum which is located across the temple’s complex. To maintain the temple is conducted by re-arranged the temples’ stones which collapsed due to the weather that sometimes reaches minus 11 Celsius. The low temperature is caused by the location of the temple which is on the slope of Mt. Perau and Sindoro. The cold air brings thick fog at the surrounding of the temple with visibility ony 10 footsteps. So, if you have a plan to visit Arjuna temple in August or September, please prepare yourself with winter’s equipment.

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