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Thursday, 26 September 2019 17:46

Go down to Pepe River in Boyolali, Central Java

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Pepe river is located at Tawangsari village, Teras, Boyolali, Central Java. In the past, the river became the target of sand and stone diggers as a livelihood of most Tawangsari villagers. The condition was exacerbated by low awareness on environment, so that the river which flowing from Mt. Merbabu until Bengawan Solo river, is full of plastic garbage. Seeing the condition, a group of society who joined in the River Care Community, finally stopped the digging activity   at the river for the sake of environmental preservation. The community initiated the development of 'River Tubing' with rafting concept.


Pepe River tour is unlike other natural tours because it uses used tire.   The visitors sit on used big rubber tire, then floated and washed away by river currents as far as 1.5 kilometers for one and a half hour. When enjoying Pepe River tour activity, you will feel the sensation of bouncing into the rock, plunging into rapids, until being overturned, and plunging into the river. I suggest you do not forget to stop at many interesting spots for selfie. You can enjoy all of the fun by only paying Rp 40,000- Rp45,000 per person. The ticket is included for safety facility and to taste typical culinary of Boyolali, such as wedang jahe or ginger drink and bobor soup. The Pepe River tour is located at Ngebrak floodgate area, Tawangsari village which is about one kilometers from Solo-Semarang highway.


The fun tour at  Pepe river still continue.Around one kilometers from the location of river tubing, there is available edupark Camp Bell 2 for the visitors. In addition to natural tour such as outbond and farming, the Camp Bell 2 tour package also introduces integrated agriculture which produces  biogas from cattle dung. There is also integrated garbage processing area namely Berkah Asri Mandiri. Not only receive garbage from residents, the edupark activists also routinely conduct cleaning activities twice a week.

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