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Es Dawet Gempol

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Es Dawet is a typical beverage of East Java which is sweet and tasty. The traditional beverage then sold across cities in Java island. Es Dawet  consists of  dawet (cendol), liquid brown sugar, coconut milk and ice. In general, Dawet has the same shape, eventhough it appears in various colors. The shape is a little bit long like worm. Unlike other dawet, dawet Ponorogo has different shape. It is round shape and usually called Dawet Gempol because in Javanese language the word gempol means round.

In a bowl of dawet gempol, consists of dawet, liquid brown sugar, sliced jackfruit, coconut milk, and ice sometimes added with dawet made of black sticky rice and palm flour. Because of various flavors in one portion, making dawet gempol is very different from dawet in general.

The combination of sweet taste, savory taste of coconut milk and brown sugar, combined with cold taste of ice and savory dawet, coupled with the sweet taste of black sticky rice, adding to the delicious taste of this drink. The dawet Gempol in Ponorogo is served uniquely, a bowl as dawet container is covered with a small plate. In Ponorogo, you can easily find Es Dawet Gempol, especially if you visit the region during Ramadan, because this drink is used as a breaking fast menu. The price of Es Dawet Gempol is relatively cheap which is around Rp. 2,500 to Rp. 5,000 per portion.

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