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Wednesday, 23 October 2019 22:00

Bamboo Forest of Alu Village

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The breeze and the rustling sound of bamboo leaves clashing will welcome you at this tourism destination. The lush of bamboo’s trees will protect you from sunlight. Polewali Mandar in West Sulawesi is rich of its natural tourism object. One of them is at Bamboo forest at hinterland of Alu village, Alu district, Polewali Mandar regency.  The 20-hectare wide  bamboo forest area has a distance 60 kilometers from Polewali district, the capital city of Polewali Mandar regency and can be accessed by car or motorcycle by taking around one and a half hours. Special atmosphere of the village in the past is still seen at the bamboo forest, because there are still some gazebos, small huts, meeting room and a mosque which are made from bamboo. The use of bamboo forest as new tourism destination has begun since several years ago. Beginning from art and cultural festival, it is conducted at the forest and it makes it known widely by the public. Since that time, the forest has been visited by a lot of residents for touring, camping, meeting of government’s activities and also reception of wedding party. The bamboo forest is different from people’s imagine if hearing the word of bamboo forest. The local people realize that big potential can improve their economy to keep taking care of the bamboo forest and to give various options for tourists who come. In the memory of the tourists who come to visit the bamboo forest, they feel in complete with some interesting spots for selfie. At some points, tourists can see water streaming which is through rocky river, combined with the sounds of bamboo leaves rubbing against one another due to the gentle breeze. Are you interested in this destination? Please come to the bamboo forest at Alu village in Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi province.

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