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Global Uncertainty and Dispute with WHO

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Global uncertainties due to the Covid-19 pandemic are still felt. Almost no country can be sure how and when its territory will be free from it. Only Wuhan, China experienced the peak period of the Covid-19 outbreak and has now declared zero percent of new cases of infection. Even then, there is a big question; is it possible that the covid-19 outbreak may return to attack?

Japan, which was predicted to be able to control the situation without many protocol restrictions, apparently decided to lockdown. Italy, which initially seemed to be able to deal with this virus attack, turned out to be the country with the highest death toll to date.

The United States is one of the countries that is now experiencing a peak of Covid-19 attacks. The number of deaths in New York is even equivalent to the death rate in Italy.

Panic and uncertainty are felt everywhere. The World Health Organization -WHO is expected to be able to control the situation and provide direction so that this global pandemic can be resolved immediately. But in reality not all countries are satisfied with the WHO's performance. US President Donald Trump, take for example, expressed his dissatisfaction to WHO Director General, Tedros Adhonom Gebreyesus. The U.S. even threatened to stop paying contributions to the World Health Organization. WHO is expected to play a greater role in responding to this pandemic. The threat of the United States shows disharmony in a pandemic atmosphere. The U.S. considers WHO as more Chinese centric. There are a number of WHO policy directives which are considered by the United States to be more favorable to China. While most of the WHO funding is said to come from the U.S.

In the current global pandemic, it is natural that on one hand, many countries expect WHO’s greater role. On the other hand, WHO itself hopes that the efforts to save the world from the Covid-19 pandemic are not politicized.

Hopefully, this global anxiety and uncertainty will soon shake off and all countries affected,  along with the WHO, can deal with it and recover immediately.

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