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Preparing for Covid-19 Second Wave

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Wuhan has become an open city again after declaring zero percent of new Covid-19 virus. However, latest data shows there are still new cases of corona in China. Some infected people even died in Jia City, Hinan. Similar facts have  also to  be faced by South Korea. After briefly controlling the infection rate with large-scale testing, it was found out that people who had recovered,  felt recurrence of  Covid 19 attack symptoms, plus a number of new cases. Singapore which was able to suppress the smallest infection rates compared to other Asean countries, now faces an increase in the potential for infection which is quite high.

There are several factors that can be examined from the cases of China, South Korea and Singapore. China received a number of new cases of corona virus infection after Wuhan was declared an open city. So when a country reaches the peak of the first corona attack, it seems after a long pause, a second wave of attacks emerges.

According to Dicky Budiawan, an Indonesian Epidemiologist, doctoral candidate from Griffith University Australia, the second wave of corona virus is when an area has reached the peak of corona virus pressure, then there is a decrease. After a phase of decreasing  number of infections, a surge in cases occurs again. Of  the second surge with a rate of 3-10 Percent of the population,  90 Percent is the population that has not been exposed before.

So referring  to it, the conditions of each country can be examined. Most countries in the world have  not yet reached the peak of  Covid-19 outbreak. After that happened, then they must prepare to face the second attack.

The journey to deal with this virus still seems to be quite long, due to  the potential for attacks and even to the second wave. Efforts for a  vaccine discovery  are now continue  being  carried out by several countries. The world is now waiting anxiously  for the result,  so that Covid19 virus can be curbed once and for all. Hopefully, there will be no more infected people or death toll then, and things could return to normal again.  

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