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Monday, 11 May 2020 00:00

Bathing place, Yeh Sanih in Bali

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Since 1930, Air Sanih has been well-known as tourism object by local people. The difference between Yeh Sanih pool and other pools is that Yeh Sanih has natural water that comes from original water spring which is usually called ‘Yeh Kelebutan’. Its water spring comes from underground river flowing down from Batur Lake.   

Yeh Sanih pool consists of two pools. One pool is for adult because its depth is one and a half meters and another for kids. 

Yeh Sanih bathing place is quite unique, because its water is not salty, whereas its location is very close to Lovina beach. Besides, there is a myth if there is a young couple who takes bath at Yeh Sanih pool, so their relations will be lasting. The myth is still believed until now.  

Yeh Sanih is located at Sanih village, Kubutambahan district which has a distance around 17 kilometers in the East of Singaraja City, Bali. From Denpasar to this tourism object, it takes around 3 hours by motor vehicles.

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