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Covid-19 Pandemic Still Threatening the World

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COVID-19 pandemic hasn't ended yet. Some countries, which had started to relax the lockdown rules, returned to their original policies. The World Health Organization reiterates the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in several countries that have relaxed restrictions.

WHO Director General, Thedros Adhanom identified new cases  in Germany, China and South Korea after the governments lifted restrictions.

Recebtly, the local government in Wuhan China has announced the existence of new COVID-19 cases. Actually, one month after the lockdown policy was lifted, there were no new cases recorded in Wuhan.  It was reported from Germany that there were  new  cases after the government had gradually reopened business activities.

In Korea, students must continue to learn from home. The South Korean government had originally announced that on Wednesday 13 May, schools would be reopened. But the plan was cancelled because of the new COVID-19 case.

Learning from home is going to be extended over the coming week. In South Korea, positive cases of Covid-19 went up last weekend  and reached nearly 11 thousand people with 35 new cases. South Korea's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, the increase in cases occurred due to social interactions at nightclubs.

Therefore, in addition to extending teaching and learning activities at home, the South Korean government decided to close all night entertainment facilities around Seoul. Local authorities are trying to trace down thousands of visitors to Itaiwon, an entertainment district in Seoul.

From the data reported by WHO and the actions and policies taken by the governments of South Korea and Germany, it is proven that the corona pandemic still threatens various corners of the world. Even Wuhan, which is the origin of the spread of Corona, and has been declared free, is proven to still record new cases of COVID-19.

The governments in countries stricken with the COVID-19 pandemic must not be careless. People must also refrain from feeling free without restrictions. Precautions and emergency measures must still be carried out in countries that have the potential to have new COVID-19 infections, including in Indonesia.

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