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Haji Abdul Ghani Mosque

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Haji Abdul Ghani mosque is the oldest mosque in Buru island, Karimun Regency, Riau Islands Province. It was built by king Abdul Ghani bin King Idris bin Haji Fisabililah, the first leader of Buru island,  in the mid-19th century.  Because it was built by Raja Abdul Ghani, so the mosque was also named the Abdul Ghani Hajj Mosque.  But many people called the mosque  as the Buru Mosque, because it is located in the island of Buru and close to the port of Buru Island, about 100 meters.

Haji Abdul Ghani Mosque has main room of 8 x 15 meters and a dome which is supported by four poles of 5 meter high. Perhaps,   the mosque was built by Chinese architect. Previously, the architect built a temple that is not far from the mosque. The Chinese influence can be seen from the existence of conical towers. At glance it is similar to incense combustion rooms in the Temple. The  Ventilation holes are also made of blue jade carved with the Chinese typical carving.

Buru mosque  has ever been renovated on part of the roof and terrace. Besides the originality of  the mosque is intentionally maintained. There is no significant renovation outside the two components. Including the existence of perigi or well, to take ablution of water. Perigi which has 4 stairs is still used and its original form is still maintained. The tower is still maintained its authenticity. Buru Mosque has a 21 meter tower with a diameter of 4 meters. The tower still stand  strong on the right side of the mosque. The main entrance door can be looked like an arch  of 2.3 meters high with 1.30  meters wide.

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