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Sunday, 18 February 2018 00:00

Jembatan Batu Waterfall, North Halmahera, Maluku

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Tobelo town is located in east part of the northern peninsula of Halmahera and is the largest city on the island. Tobelo is the capital of North Halmahera district. The main attraction of Tobelo is that there are many small island clusters with white sandy beaches, crystal clear seas as well as stunning underwater beauty. In addition, the customs that are still deeply entrenched in the community are also the main reasons for tourists to come to this city. Besides, the amazing beauty of nature that you  must visit in North Halmahera Tobelo is Jembatan Batu or Stone Bridge Waterfall.Jembatan Batu waterfall is located around Mede River, Tobelo, North Halmahera, North Maluku. Its unique name is inspired by the shape of the rocks in front of it that forms a kind of natural stone bridge. The specialty of Jembatan Batu or Stone Bridge Waterfall lies not on its height which is only 10 meters, but the presence of other mini waterfalls in the same location. Being hidden and surrounded by dense forests makes the waterfall an attractive destination, especially for lovers of nature adventurers.For nature lovers who have rock climbing as a hobby, this place is one of the places worth being visiting to conquer the steep stone wall that is in the location of Jembatan Batu or Stone Bridge Waterfall. In addition to constrained steep cliffs, slippery rock is also one of the obstacles in reaching the cliff top. But the difficulty will soon paid off when you reach the top of the cliff that presents the beauty of natural panorama with incredible sensation. You will see a big pool from the top of a hollow roof. When it rains, the color of this waterfall is brown, mixed with soil. But if it does not rain, the water in the pool is turquoise blue. This clear water makes anyone want to throw themselves into the pond. The ceiling of the stone bridge looks pretty much like a walet bird nest and many other birds are also flying around the pool under the waterfall. If you have arrived in North Halmahera, Tobelo City and want to proceed to Jembatan Batu or Stone Bridge Waterfall, you can go to Mede village. Because the Waterfall Stone Bridge is located about 6 kilometers west of the village. If you use public transportation to this place, you can use a mini bus heading to Galela. Then, you get off at Mede village or Ruko village, and continue by walking into the forest. It is therefore recommended that you hire the services of a local guide.

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