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Orchid Forest in Lembang, West Java

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The Orchid Forest in Lembang, West Java is the largest orchid park in Indonesia. At this forest, there are around 157 varieties of orchid which are cultivated in 12-hectare land. The seeds of those orchids come from various countries, such as Venezuela, United States of America and Peru. Even, rare orchids such as black orchid or Coelogy Pandurata, Kantong Semar orchid or Paphopedilum glaucophyllum and paraphalaenopsis laycocky can be found The Orchid Forest in Lembang.

In addition to enjoying a lot of varieties of orchids, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of pine trees and fresh air. Cool air makes those orchids grow well in Lembang. Eco-tourism, which was opened several years ago, is complementary tourism packages, such as beautiful scenery with fresh air, aesthetic facilities, Instagramable spots for taking pictures and various kinds of sub-destinations. The 12-hectare orchid forest is determined as the largest orchid forest in Indonesia because it is managed well.

To go to this orchid forest, you should use private motor-vehicles. The smooth road towards the orchid forest makes motorcycles or cars pass comfortably. You can go from Lembang to Mt. Tangkuban Perahu region. During the trip, you should watch the road side until you find Orchid Forest Lembang at Cikole gate. The Orchid Forest opens every day, starting from 9 am for weekdays and 8 am for weekends until 6 pm of local time.

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