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Monday, 19 February 2018 13:35

Ratna Listy

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The song entitled “kenangan di desa” tells about the beautiful and lovely panorama of the village with wide paddy fields, yellowing rice, and singing birds singing as well as sweet  memories that could not be forgotten for good. Although it is Keroncong genre, the Sundanese music both in its rhythm and music is dominantly felt in the song. The combination of Keroncong and Sundanese music makes the song enjoyable to be listened. Ratna Sulistyaningsih or known as Ratna Listy who was born in Madiun, East Java is also known in Indonesia as presenter and TV film artist. Her singing career started since she won the Bintang Radio TV or Radio Television Singing Contest for East Java in 1989. “Keroncong Kemayoran” is a famous Keroncong song. Besides cheerful and dynamic rhythm, the lyric is written in betawian poem. Like the last part of the lyrics : “Merpati terbang melayang, Cinta sejati Slalu terbayang. Kedondong di atas peti, Ini keroncong mohon berhenti, Semogalah semua senang di hati”. During her career in the Indonesian Music industry, the woman who was born in August 1973 has launched several pop genre albums such as “Obsessy” in 1998, “Azan” in 2002, “Hitam Putih” in 2006 and a traditional ,album along with Doel Sumbang and Ninik Karlina. In 2013, Ratna Listy also launched a Keroncong album entitled “Keroncong Asli”.

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