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Resolving the Civil War in Lybia

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Since the fall of the Muamer Gaddafi regime, in 2011, Lybia has continued to flare up. Armed conflict between the government and opposing parties continues. Lately, the conflict has been getting hotter with the intervention of foreign parties.

After Egypt said it would support the rebels, Turkey insisted it would soon assist the government in military and weapons form.

The Turkish government firmly supports the ruling Lybia government and ensures it will send military assistance to fight the rebels. The decision declared by the Turkish president, Erdogan, ignited the opinions of other countries in favor of General Khalifa Haftar who opposed the government.

For Turkey, its attitude and commitment are reasonable because the government it supports is internationally recognized. From Ankara came strong criticism of France of  Erdogan's policies. A spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry said that France only increased tension in Lybia. France, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates are supporters of the rebel General Khalifa Haftar.

Indeed the path of violence is not the best way to resolve disputes that have manifested in war. The attitudes and decisions of foreign parties, both those supporting the Government and the rebels, especially in the form of the military and weaponry, have proven to be increasingly fueling wars. The government and the rebels not only feel they have moral support, but also political, military and weapons support. The war keeps on going, Lybia's natural resources continue to be depleted, people are divided and increasingly suffer from the chaos that has eroded people’s life, especially the economy.

The United Nations views the importance of a peaceful effort to resolve the conflict in Lybia which has lasted for almost ten years. This UN initiative needs to be supported. There must be concrete steps to encourage the government and rebels in Lybia to sit at one table. Foreign countries whether supporting the government or vice versa must hold back. There needs to be other countries or parties who are willing and able to become mediators with UN support. Otherwise Lybia will be increasingly torn to pieces by war and its people will suffer even more.

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