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Pagaruyung Palace

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Istano Basa, better known as Pagaruyung Palace, is a palace located in Tanjung Emas district, Batusangkar City, Tanah Datar regency, West Sumatra province. The Istano Basa which stands now is actually a replica of the original one. The original Istano Basa is located on the hill of Batu Patah and was burned down in 1804 by the Paderi who at that time were fighting the nobles and the custom community.  The palace was later rebuilt but it was burned again in 1966. The palace was rebuilt in 1976 as a replica of the original Pagaruyung palace. The palace was built after the eradication of the Republic of Indonesia's Revolutionary Government movement in 1958 that centered in West Sumatra.

The rebuilding process of Istano Basa was carried out by laying the tunggak tuo (the main pillar) on December 27, 1976 by then Governor of West Sumatra, Harun Zain. This new building was not built on the site of the old one, but in a new location to the south. In the late 1970s, this palace could be visited by the public. After being completed, the palace is known to the public as a tourism destination and museum. The Istano Basa is located approximately 5 kilometers from Batusangkar. This palace is well known for its cultural attraction in West Sumatra.

The original Pagaruyung Palace was built entirely with wooden sticks.However, the latest building was built with a modern concrete structure. Istano Basa Pagaruyuang was built by maintaining traditional techniques and wood materials which were decorated with 60 carvings that explain the Minangkabau philosophy and culture. This palace has three floors with 72 pillars and Gonjong as in general of Rumah Gadang, which is arched like a horn of 26 tons of fibers. The palace is also equipped with more than 100 replicas of Minang antique furniture and artifacts, which aim to revive the palace as a cultural center of Minangkabau and a tourist attraction in West Sumatra.

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