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Monday, 26 February 2018 11:30

Do not Split Because of Regional Head Election

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President Joko Widodo again reminded the Indonesian people not to split because of different choices in the simultaneous Regional Head Election 2018 (Pilkada). In his speech at the opening ceremony of Sholawat Nusantara Festival Presidential Cup, held at Sentul International Convention Center, Bogor, West Java, Saturday (24 / 2), President Joko Widodo calls for thousands of students who were present to always think positively and respect each other. In his speech, President Joko Widodo reaffirmed his state visit to Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

In the countries, the President witnessed firsthand how the Muslims who should live peace in brotherhood suffered for 40 years because of conflict. Thus, President Joko Widodo calls for the people of Indonesia to keep fraternity among Muslims (Ukhuwah Islamiyah or the bonds of nationality (Ukhuwah wathaniyah), and fellow brotherhood among human beings (Ukhuwah basyariyah). The appeal to not split because of elections is not declared for the first time. On several occasions, President Joko Widodo has disclosed the same appeal to remind the Indonesian people of the importance of maintaining unity and togetherness, specially before the simultaneous Regional Head Election 2018 (Pilkada) on next 27 June 2018 in 17 provinces and 154 regencies and cities.

Currently, the atmosphere of election has begun to be felt, remembering the voting cast remains about 5 months ahead. It’s not without reason why President Joko Widodo repeatedly urges the people of Indonesia to keep unity. Indonesia, which has various ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural backgrounds, is vulnerable to splitting. Ahead of the Regional Head Election, there is often a friction in the community. The most common one is usually related to the issue of  tribe, religion, race, and interfaiths -SARA.

Indonesia is a country that emphasizes unity and togetherness. The unity is what makes Indonesia independent in 1945. Without being united, it is impossible for Indonesia to be able to become a great country. We do not want to see because the election is held every 5 years, Indonesia becomes split. The ongoing conflict in Afghanistan and some other regions of the world should be a great lesson and reflection for the Indonesian people how important it is to maintain unity.

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