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Gedung Joang '45, Jakarta

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Gedung Joang '45 or Joang 45 Museum is one of the museums in Jakarta. This museum is located on Jalan Menteng Raya 31, Kelurahan Kebon Sirih, Menteng District, Central Jakarta. After it was renovated, the museum was inaugurated in 1974 by President Soeharto.

Gedung Joang ‘45 was originally the Schomper Hotel building which was built around 1920-1938, and managed by L.C. Schomper, a citizen of Dutch descent. During the Japanese occupation, this hotel was taken over by Ganseikanbu Sendenbu (Propaganda Department) and later known as Gedung Menteng 31. This building became the headquarters for a political education program which was held for a number of youth leaders who played a major role in the independence era, including Sukarni, Chaerul Saleh, A.M Hanafi and Adam Malik. They were better known as 'Pemoeda Menteng 31', who were the actors behind the kidnapping of Soekarno, Hatta and Fatmawati to Rengasdengklok, the day before independence. Those young figures were fostered by Soekarno, Hatta, Moh. Yamin, Sunaryo and Achmad Subarjo.

In this museum, a number of paintings related to the proclamation of Indonesian independence are exhibited. There are also several dioramas, among others describing the atmosphere of the Menteng 31 Building during the independence era and Soekarno's oration at the Grand Meeting at the IKADA Field on September 19, 1945.

There is also a documentary archive in the form of photographs and bust statues of the independence movement’s leaders. In addition to historical documentation, the Joang 45 Museum is equipped with various facilities, including a permanent and temporary exhibition room and a multi-media corner, the Joang 45 cinema which shows various films with the theme of struggle and documentaries, a historical reference library, a children's room containing various games, studio photos, souvenirs’ shop and outdoor plaza for children's theater activities.

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