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Wedi Awu Beach in Malang

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Directly sharing border with the Indian Ocean in the South, Malang is blessed with beautiful beaches. Take for example, it is Wedi Awu Beach. This beach offers beautiful views whose  location is surrounded by green hills and beautiful trees. Wedi Awu Beach is located in Balearjo Hamlet, Purwodadi Village, Tirtoyudo District, Malang Regency, East Java. To get there from Malang, you have to travel by motor vehicles for about 2 hours. You are not charged an entrance fee. However, for parking fees, a motorbike will be charged Rp 5,000 while a car is Rp 10,000.

Entering Wedi Awu, you will immediately see the uniqueness of this beach. The coastline is shaped like a horseshoe because it is flanked by hills before extending wide in the middle of the beach. Wedi Awu Beach also has quite high waves. Wave height depends on the season. If you visit during the dry season, the wave height can reach three meters. Because it has quite high waves, this beach is suitable for those of you who love surfing. If you don't bring your surfing equipment, don't worry, the manager provides surfboard loan facilities.

If you don't like surfing, you don't have to worry. The beach offers several tourist activities that can be done. One of them is a jet ski. You can try your adrenaline at Wedi Awu Beach. You can also swim and dive there. If you are interested, you can even cross the ocean to get to White Sand Beach, which is located not far from Wedi Awu Beach. Besides, from visiting Wedi Awu Beach, you can try to stop by a number of other beaches that are still in the Tirtoyudo District area, for example, such as Lenggoksono , Wedi Putih, Pakisan, Bolu-Bolu, to Banyu Anjlok Beaches.

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