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Palestine After UAE-Israel Relationship Normalization

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The cohesiveness of Arab states to support Palestine is being tested. After successfully establishing good relations with the United Arab Emirates, Israel is reportedly continuing to make approaches to other Arab countries. In Abu Dhabi for the first time, the Israeli flag was raised. It occurred when the United Arab Emirates, Israel and the United States high ranking officials met for the first time after the inaugural landing of an Israeli aircraft at Abu Dhabi international airport.

The trilateral meeting of the UAE, Israel and the United States in Abu Dhabi is a follow-up to the peace agreement between the UAE and Israel which was concluded two weeks ago. Abu Dhabi's decision has greatly disappointed Palestine as shown by the withdrawal of the Palestinian Ambassador from the United Arab Emirates. Palestinians regret the change in attitude of the United Arab Emirates that   agreed to normalize relations with Israel last August 13. This action is considered a betrayal by the Palestinian people.

The remorse of the Palestinians for the United Arab Emirates may continue. Israel reportedly is making approaches to various other Arab countries. An Israeli official said it was possible that Bahrain, Oman and Sudan would follow in the footsteps of the United Arab Emirates. This may become a reality because Israel's move is fully supported by the United States, which is its main ally.

If that happens, then the struggle of the Palestinian people to achieve a truly  sovereign state will become even harder. Diplomatic steps need to be optimized. Good relations with countries that support it must be maintained through diplomacy and other strategic steps.

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