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Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Expects Diplomats to Become Indonesian Coffee Marketers

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Main Expert Diplomat of Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry, Prayitno Atiyono hoped the diplomats can become the top marketers of Indonesian coffee products because coffee is an Indonesian economic power and potential diplomacy pillar. In a webinar held by University of Jember, East Java on Saturday (5/9), Prayitno said that the Indonesian diplomats can perform marketing intelligence in coffee, building Indonesian diaspora power, and connect Indonesian coffee business people with foreign counterparts in their assigned countries.

According to Prayitno, marketing intelligence includes gathering information about existing coffee trade regulation, competitors, and a country’s coffee preference. The diplomats were also asked to start business cooperation with local business people, including actively promoting Indonesian coffee by involving Indonesian diaspora.

Prayitno, who also asked Indonesian coffee exporters to target Latin America, stated that Indonesian embassies in Argentina, Chile, and other countries are ready to facilitate Indonesian coffee promotion in the region.

The readiness to promote Indonesian coffee was conveyed by Indonesian Ambassador to Finland and Estonia which is located in Helsinki, Ratu Silvy Gayatri. She said that Finland is a potential coffee market for Indonesia considering their coffee consumption reaching 12 kilograms per person per year.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Consul General in Dubai, Ridwan Hasan said that besides developing the 24 specialty coffees, they recommend Indonesia to consider Indonesian typical coffee so it is more recognizable by the global community.

They also recommend opening Indonesian coffee shops abroad such as in the United Arab Emirates that is an international trade center or at Dubai International Airport as a hub for many international flights.

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