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Creative Economy Ministry To Build Digital Economy For Music Sector

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The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy will focus on building a digital economy in the entertainment industry, one of which is in the music sector.

Amin Abdullah, Director of the Music, Performing Arts and Publishing at the ministry said that amid the increasingly rapid development of digital technology, the digital economy will become a necessity, including in the music industry.

"Eventually, the slower we are, the more we experience losses from changing analog-to-digital," Amin Abdullah said in Jakarta, on Thursday.

Amin Abdullah said that the ministry focuses on three main things in building digital economic growth through the creative industry sector, including one in the music sector.

"I think there are three things to build this. First creative products that excel in music, then secondly digital transformation, third entrepreneurship of musicians," Amin said.

He added that the COVID-19 pandemic is also a good step in introducing the potential of the digital economy to players in the Indonesian music industry.

"On one hand, what happened in the era of COVID-19 is a blessing, it encourages us to enter the era of the digital economy as quickly as possible," he explained.

Amin said the ministry has visited various regions to see the potential of music industry players there in utilizing the digital era to market their work.

"We have been to areas where it becomes a super-priority area for tourism and the possibility of digitization. In that area, their production is good. We just need a touch on how to do entrepreneurship and digitization," he said.

 Amin said that music industry players must see that the digital economy becomes a new opportunity to monetize their work.

"So it is not just a great masterpiece, but how can this be prosperous. There is no other purpose for the creative economy other than for the welfare," he added. (Antaranews)

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