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Monday, 05 October 2020 18:38

Bangko-Bangko Beach in West Nusa Tenggara

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Surfing is a water sport that is quite challenging and fun for some people. For surfers, beaches with big waves are a place to look for. One of them is Desert Point or Bangko-Bangko Beach in Lombok island.

Administratively, Bangko-Bangko Beach is included in the Sekotong district, West Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province. The location is precisely located on the southwest coast of Lombok island. The distance from Mataram City is about 70.5 km or it takes about 1 hour 48 minutes by using motor vehicles.

Bangko-Bangko Beach is one of the most favorite surf spots in Lombok Island and is quite popular among local and foreign surfers because of the type of waves that do not break easily to the beach. The deep and high waves make this place one of the 10 surf spots with the toughest waves according to the International Surfing Association.

If you like surfing, the best time for you to visit Bangko-Bangko Beach is around May to October. In these months, there is a fairly hollow tidal wave that can roll waves along 300 meters with wave heights ranging up to 3 meters so that surfers want to conquer them.

Besides as a surfing spot , Bangko-Bangko Beach has attractive white sand that stretches along the beach and it looks even more beautiful against the backdrop of colorful fishing boats with clear sea water.

Another attraction is an interesting trekking tour and there are some amazing events in the Bangko-Bangko Natural Tourism Park area of 2,169 hectares.

Forest Natural Park of Bangko-Bangko is an ecosystem type of coastal forest, lowland monsoon forest, and mangrove forest. The habitats of various types of rarely found fauna such as crooked eagles, partridge, king prawns, koakiu, troces helena butterflies, and sea eagles are still maintained.

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