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President Macron's Statement

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It seems that the relationship between France and the Islamic world is being tested. A series of acts of violence have occurred, such as the murder of Samuel Paty, a history teacher  in France by a Muslim Cheznya, and an attack on a church in Nice, Southern France which left 3 people dead. These incidents immediately prompted French President Emmanuel Macron to issue a statement that currently, France is being attacked by Islamic terrorists. Security was immediately increased. If previously President Macron deployed  up to 3000 security personnel, then with the attack in Nice, 7000 security personnel were positioned in various public places such as schools and churches. Interestingly, the French Muslim Faith Council criticized and expressed sorrow and regretted the attacks. Muslims throughout France are even asked to cancel all forms of celebration of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammmad yesterday (29/110).

Shortly after the attack on the Notre-Dame Basilica Church, Nice, the French Embassy in Saudi Arabia issued a statement that a person with a knife had attacked security guards outside the French consulate in Jeddah.

The conditions are not simple; President Macron's statement about Islam which he said is experiencing a crisis, and the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, which features Turkish President Erdogan in a caricature related to a disagreement with President Macron about the murder of Samuel Paty, was immediately responded to by calls for a  boycott on French products by Muslim communities in various countries. Charlie Hebdo is known to have published a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad, whose figure  for Muslims is forbidden to be  depicted, causing a wave of protest in some countries in the world some time ago.

In Malaysia, former PM Mahathir Muhammad conveyed that the strong response of Muslim World to President Macaron's statement was something that was very reasonable, even though it did not need to happen. The Malaysian government has also summoned French Ambassador to inquire about this statement. In Indonesia, Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Ulema Council –MUI, Muhyiddin Junaidi advised Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi to do the same. However, MUI also asked the public to carefully understand first what is the problem and not to react immediately.

It is rather difficult to predict how the chaos due to President Macron's statement will end. Protests and boycott against French products in Islamic countries could be even more massive if the situation is not handled immediately.

Indeed, it takes special cautions to understand universal boundaries and an attitude of mutual respect for the teachings and symbols of various religions in the world. In addition, maturity and understanding to what extent the limits of freedom of opinion and expression are. So, many problems can be resolved peacefully without violence.

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